“I have been living on the beach in St. Augustine since 1978 and always had problems with air conditioners. The wind and the salt air always created a problem and I considered myself fortunate to have an air conditioner to last even five years. In 1997 I built a new house on the site and was starting fresh with a completely new air conditioning system. All American Air was one of the bidders I solicited and he told me he would guaranty that the system would last at least 10 years with their maintenance contract. It is an understatement to say that I was incredulous since I had lived on the beach for over twenty years and no air conditioner had ever lasted over five years. So I decided to take a chance and give the contract to All American Air.

To my surprise the units (3 of them) worked wonderfully without a problem for 12 years due to the inspections and care provided by the personnel at All American Air.